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Welcome to SmartLazyTrader (SLT) – A community of traders who would like to earn a 2nd source of income apart from the 9- 6 job or and eventually become a time trader.

Here is what you will find on SmartLazyTrader

  • 90% practical tips to raise & earn money from stocks (NSE,BSE) ; the other 10% is for extravagant jokes & personal stories.
  • Basic & advanced strategies money making strategies in cash, options and Futures.
  • A community of like-minded traders who hang out & discuss trading related queries.
  • This site will transform you from an unsuccessful trader to a profitable trader.
  • SmartLazyTrader is an answer to:
  • Is it possible to make a money from share market?
  • How to select stock broker and which one is the best?
  • Which investing style is best  (Intraday, Short term, Medium term, Long term)?
  • How to select stocks?( Infosys is better or TCS)
  • When is the best time to enter stock market and when is the best time to exit?
  • Can I get rich by investing in share market?
  • Where can I learn technical and fundamental analysis?
  • How can I quit my job & become a full-time trader? SmartLazyTrader’s provides Bright ideas that could change the lives of billions around India and become their own boss.
  • Again, this is very tangible stuff.

About Sreekanth Kallayil (That’s me)  😀

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I am the mind behind SmartLazyTrader

I received my degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology in 2007.Currently, I have a day job in petrochemical sector and

I started trading out of my passions for learning and earning . I have been dreaming of becoming rich and I used to read a lot of investing and finance articles. In 2006, I got to know more about Share market( Nifty, Sensex, Mutual Funds, ETF  and endless possibilities. But it took me about  years from then to start my first trade. I still regret of procrastinating my first trade.

I started with the Hedge equities private Limited platform & later I moved to ZERODHA ( The discount brokerage).

I started with intraday then explored to short term, swing trading, long term investment , options buying ( High risk), Selling options ( low-risk consistent returns), futures etc.

When I started trading, I used to do research about stocks and all. There is a lot of investment information available on the internet. So much information ( contradictory information) that common man will get overwhelmed and confused where to start and how to start?. Because of this I have made mistakes and  blown up my account few times.

I have tried a lot of experiments with strategies available, tweaked a lot. Back test and also tried on live-market which was found successful.

My style of trading/ investing are  low-risk swing trading , option selling, Nifty Futures and building long-term portfolio of small caps for wealth building. I have learned a lot from my experience and I don’t want you to burn your fingers and then learn the hard way .

When I started sharing those strategies/ideas that worked for me. 

That’s how SmartLazyTrader was born.

Attributes of a successful trader are

  • Knowledge
  • Capital Allocation
  • Risk Management
  • Patience
  • Strategy
  • I found trading/Investing in share market to be a great platform for learning, earning and finally be financially independent. Trading has given me so much more money and can produce income at our will. Join me to learn the lazy way to be rich.